The O’Reilly Family Event Center, Drury University, Springfield, MO

Photographing the construction of the O’Reilly Family Event Center reminded me of growing up with a father who was a carpenter and being fascinated by his craft. I used to play in the garage while he built furniture and I was always captivated with the overall process as well as the minute details of materials. I approached the documentation of The O’Reilly Family Event Center in much the same way, attempting to document the larger process while exploring the beauty of the way light would interact with smaller details. I was always amazed by how my father could create something out of raw materials. I experienced that same amazement every time I visited the site and would watch the craftsmen work on this building. The process was about the transformation of space, from an open field to an enormously impressive structure that will bring so many positive opportunities to the community.

These photographs were shot with a Pentax 645N camera and Fujichrome Velvia film.

The O’Reilly Family Event Center at Drury University in Springfield, Missouri was constructed in 2009-10 and was built to LEED Gold Certification standards. The building was designed to house the men’s and women’s basketball teams, volleyball squad, concerts, special events, and graduation ceremonies.

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