Mixed Media

My mixed media works are about how human beings treat one another and the environment with the underlying themes of loss, fear, abuse and control. The principal interest for me with this work is to gain an emotional response from the viewer; be it disgust, anger, sorrow or empathy. I would like to use this art to communicate the injustices that I have witnessed, along with the losses I have endured, and to make viewers conscious of these experiences that have (at times) become numb commonalties in our society.

The combination of photography and other media has always intrigued me. I have found it to be a challenge to successfully combine photography with direct media, such as painting and drawing, to create a cohesive final image. It has been this challenge that leads to this ongoing body of work, which is a combination of photography, etching, painting and drawing. Visual layering is an important step in this process and in turn is a reflection of the various messages and intentions of the work.


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